Can a Plumber Help with My Heating Issue?

If you’re like most people, the inner workings of your home’s central heating system may be an unfathomable mystery. In fact, you may not give your heating system much thought at all, that is, until something goes wrong.

Heating systems often fail at the worst possible time. More specifically, heating issues often pop up during the fall season when you turn it on after a long period of disuse.

If you do run into a heating problem, you should call a local plumber who’s experienced in solving all types of heating system problems. Here are a few heating issues your local plumber can help you with.

Radiators are Cold All Over

If there’s no heat coming from your radiators, the first thing to do is make sure your thermostat is on between 17 and 20 degrees. If your radiators still don’t heat up, you should call a plumber for help. A plumber will come and check the motorised diverter valve that’s located next to your boiler. This valve is what controls the flow of heated water.

If the valve is fine, your plumber will take a look at the pump. If the pump isn’t working, hot water cannot be forced down the flow pipe to the radiators. No matter what is causing your radiators to not heat up, your plumber will get to the bottom of what’s wrong. Before you know it, your radiators will be up and running again, thanks to your experienced local plumber!

Radiators Don’t Heat Up Well

A plumber can help you if one or more of your radiators fail to heat up completely. A plumber is trained to diagnose radiator issues and has the tools necessary to make an assessment and repair. The culprit may be a faulty valve or air trapped inside the pipes. Regardless of why your radiators aren’t kicking out heat properly, your plumber can fix the issue quickly.

No Hot Water Coming from the Taps

There’s nothing worse than stepping in the shower only to discover you have no hot water. If you don’t have any hot water coming from your taps, contact a plumber for help. Often, the loss of hot water is caused by a faulty water heater. Your plumber will inspect your water heater to find out if that’s the cause of your problem. If so, your plumber will either repair the problem or provide you with a new unit.

Different Radiator Temperatures Upstairs and Downstairs

If the upstairs radiators in your home are cold and your downstairs radiators are hot, you’ve got a heat problem a plumber can fix. Your London plumber will likely bleed your radiators to see if there’s an airlock in your heating system. If that’s not the case, your plumber will check the pump and expansion tank.

As you can see, your local plumber can help you with all types of heating problems. The next time you face a heat-related issue, contact your plumber for the help you need.