What Makes a Good Plumber?

A good plumber in London can be challenging to find because there are just so many choices out there. If you’re facing a plumbing emergency, it can be very stressful to look for a good plumber to call. Here are some signs to look for when choosing a plumber.

Easy Availability

Plumbing problems can crop up at any time. If you have an issue like a burst water pipe that happens on a holiday or during the middle of the night, you need a London plumber immediately. That’s why the best plumbers offer generous opening hours. A top-rated plumbing firm will accept calls around the clock, seven days a week.

Transparent Prices

Nobody wants to be surprised by a big plumbing bill they had no idea was coming. That’s why the most reputable plumbers working in the UK always provide customers with their projected costs. It’s never a good idea to hire a tradesman like a plumber without first finding out how much the services will cost you.

Punctuality and Impeccable Presentation

If the plumber you call shows up looking all dishevelled, you should be wary. Top-notch plumbers are professionals who clearly show they’re serious about their work. The best plumbing companies in London require that their plumbers practice proper grooming and wear uniforms to work.

It’s also unacceptable for a plumber you’ve hired to come and go as he/she pleases. When you hire a plumber, the time he/she spends at your home or business should be spent working on the problem you have. You should never have to wonder where your plumber wandered off to or whether or not they’re returning at all.

No-Obligation Quotes

All the best plumbers offer free, no-obligation quotes for every new project they take on. That’s why you should always ask for a quote. Reputable and experienced plumbers have a very good idea how much their services will cost, regardless if they’re replacing a toilet or installing a new boiler.

Memberships in Plumbing Trade Associations

A trade association membership is a sign of a good plumber. These memberships are signs of quality and dedication to the trade as they encourage putting an emphasis on customer service and delivering top-rated results. Look for a plumber that’s a member of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) and the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) as these are two of the best associations in the UK.

Many Positive Reviews

The best plumbers have many current and past customers who are very satisfied with the work they’ve received. You can easily find real customer reviews online at places like Yelp and Google Reviews. It always pays to do your homework before hiring a plumber to ensure the one you pick is one lots of people recommend.

It’s not impossible to find an amazing plumber. In fact, it’s rather easy! Just take the time to look for the signs above. Before you know it, you’ll find one of the best plumbers around!