The Hidden Power of Paradigms

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We believe modern society is facing inevitable, and certainly difficult, change in many aspects of our lives. What will this mean for us in future? In this video Phil Hanlon makes the argument that, in order to inhabit the future, we need new ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ lives – and we know from our own past that such change has been achieved before, at various pivotal points in history.

We can also learn from much that is comparatively new in science (quantum mechanics, chaos and complexity theories, for example), which tells us that neither the physical world nor human beings are just complex machines. In the video, Phil suggests that we now need a more global form of consciousness if we are all to survive and thrive sustainably in the future: new ways of thinking, new ways of being and new ways of doing will all be needed to help us face the enormous challenges of this transformation.

The video is also supplemented by an extended essay from Chris Thomson - just click the link on the right to download the essay.

About the author

Chris Thomson has had an unusual and fascinating career as an economist, orientalist (Chinese), lawyer, national advocate for alternative medicine, CSR consultant, psychotherapist, and in think tanks in Scotland and the USA. He has worked at the Bank of England, the UK Parliament, the Scottish law courts, and in companies in the USA, Switzerland and Sweden in projects that have always involved new thinking and personal and organisational transformation.