Transformational Change

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This section of the site is about Transformational Change. In this first video Professor Phil Hanlon suggest that if we are to transcend the problems of modernity we will have to understand why we are in our current predicament. To do so, he explores Plato’s idea that human beings naturally integrate the true (science), the good (ethics) and the beautiful (aesthetics or art). We still do this in our own private lives but modernity has allowed a perverted version of one of the three (a reductionist and numerically driven version of science) to eclipse the other two in spheres like government and organisational life. The result is scientism and economism. If we are to achieve transformational change, we will have to learn how to reintegrate the good, the true and the beautiful. To that end he proposes a new six component framework which captures not just current science, ethics and aesthetics but also accommodates the emergent dimension of each domain.

In this second video on transformational change Professor Phil Hanlon applies the six domain framework of the true the good and the beautiful to health care and public health. He argues that a reintegration of these domains would transform how we conceive of and deliver health care. He also shows how this type of integral thinking leads to new genuinely ecological approach to public health.